Welcome to EUdocS.

EUdocS is a research project funded by the European Commission as part of Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowships (IEF) under the 7th Framework Programme. The Fellowship was awarded to Dr. Günter Stummvoll who carries out the project in cooperation with the Centre for Criminological Research at Keele University in England.

The acronym EUdocS stands for “European Designing Out Crime Standards”.

The project started in August 2008 and will go on for 24 months, ending in summer 2010.

EUdocS is a research project that critically reflects the development and application of European standards directed towards crime prevention by urban planning and building design. First, it reconstructs the development of guidelines specified in CEN/TR 14383-2 developed by the Technical Committee 325 of the European Standardisation Committee (CEN). Second, it studies the policy processes involved in the application of design-led crime prevention strategies.


Marie Curie Re-Integration Grant

16/09/2010 09:55
Günter Stummvoll has been awarded a Marie Curie Re-Integration Grant to be employed at the Department of Building and Environment at Danube University Krems, Austria. The contract will start in October 2010 and run until Dec. 2013. Günter Stummvoll will help establish a European Research and...

European Society of Criminology Conference in Liege (B)

16/09/2010 09:48
8. - 11. Sept. 2010: Günter Stummvoll has given a paper at the ESC-annual conference 2010 in Liege in a panel together with Dr. Alistair Henry, Prof. Susan McVie and Prof. Lesley McAra from Edinburgh University. Titel of the panel: Negotiated Orders: Behaviours, Institutions and Environments....

Workshop on FP7 Programme "Security Research"

16/09/2010 09:45
1. Sept. 2010: Günter Stummvoll participated in a 1-day workshop at the Austrian Contact Point FFG. Information about most recent calls for research funding in the "Security and Society Programme" was given.

Field visit to Amsterdam

16/09/2010 09:42
25. June 2010: Günter Stummvoll visited the consultants at dsp-group in Amsterdam to talk about the "Dutch Police Label Secure Housing" in practice.

Workshop on Panopticons in Edinburgh

16/09/2010 09:39
9. June 2010: Günter Stummvoll participated in a workshop at the School of Law, University of Edinburgh, on "Panopticons: Compliance, urban space and contemporary design".

ACUNS Conference Vienna

16/09/2010 09:36
5. June 2010: Günter Stummvoll has given a presentation at the conference of the Academic council of the United Nations Systems (ACUNS) in Vienna

Field visit to Milan

16/09/2010 09:34
27. May 2010: Günter Stummvoll visited architects at the Politecnico Milano to talk about the implementation practice of the European Standard CEN/TR14383-2

Forum Building Science

16/09/2010 09:31
4. May 2010: Günter Stummvoll has given a presentation at the Forum Building Science at Danube University Krems on "Kriminalprävention in städtischen Lebensräumen: Nachhaltiges Sicherheitsmanagement in der Architektur".

Teaching Security and Safety Management

16/09/2010 09:28
25. March 2010: Günter Stummvoll has taught a 1-day seminar at Danube University Krems on "Sicherheitsmanagement im Sozialraum" as part of Module 1 of the Masters-Course "Security and Safety Management".

Field trip to Poland

17/02/2010 13:30
Günter Stummvoll visited the Voivodship Police heatquarter of Szczecin. He participated in a CPTED-seminar and conducted interviews with trainers from the Police High School Szczytno. "Security by Design" has become a major principle of crime prevention in the Polish politics of security. CPTED...